The shows begin…!

Hi Guys

This month started off with Easter and we hope that all our doggy pals and their families had a lovely Easter time.  We loved Easter – it was a bank holiday so we had four days off with mum and dad, who spoilt us with doggy friendly chocolate (because human chocolate is dangerous for dogs) and took us to Wales for the day to climb the Great Orme in Llandudno then for a great big walk along the beach at the foot of the Orme, where swam and fetched sticks and balls from the sea.

Meg AlfieRoxiDolly

Our treats featured in an advertorial in Vogue Magazine this month.  Mum tells us Vogue Maythis is a very fashionable and fabulous magazine, so it was lovely that they featured mummy’s treats in their Pampurred Pets feature.  It’s always nice when our bakery is featured in magazines, because us doggies work very hard taste-testing all the treats, so it’s nice to be recognised!  It’s hard work eating yummy treats all day long you know!

Just after Easter, mum and dad visited Reykjavik, the capital city of Iceland, for a few days.  Normally when mum and dad go on holiday, our Aunty Jodi moves in and minds us, and this time was no different, but we had our Nanny mind us with Aunty Jodi too.  Whenever mum and dad go away on holiday, they always take some pet supplies and visit a local shelter in whatever city they are visiting to donate to the local homeless dogs.  However, in Reykjavik, there was no local shelter because they have strict dog laws in Iceland that mean there are no stray dogs, as all dogs must be licenced to an owner.  This didn’t stop mum from meeting a couple of the local dogs there though – here’s pictures of mum with a dog named Lennon, who was named after the late, great John Lennon (fitting that we are from Liverpool!) and a beautiful Samoyed dog named Sammi…

iceland2 iceland1

Meggy Moo, the oldest, wisest (and greyest!) Doggy Love Bakery dog, had her vaccinations this month.  It’s very important that all dogs are kept up to date with their annual jabs to protect them from nasty diseases and getting sick and picking up bugs.  None of us dogs like going to the vet, but whenever each of us have to go for our needles, mum and dad just take each of us alone and after our visit to the vets, we get to go on a special walk in the park by ourselves with mum and dad without the others (although, admittedly, we normally miss our siblings because chasing a ball isn’t as much fun when we’re chasing it alone – it’s far more fun to have some competition!)

Speaking of balls, mum sorted through our toy box to sort out all the toys we have either de-stuffed and needed throwing away, or the toys we no longer play with that were intact that she could give away to the homeless shelter.  She does this toy sort every few months because she says we have too many – obviously we disagree, but we don’t mind giving away the toys we don’t play with as much because it means doggies who don’t have a home or a family yet get some nice toys to play with to pass the time until they go off to their forever homes, and three of us four Doggy Love Bakery dogs were in that position ourselves once.

After the big toy sort, we realised that Meg’s ball collection has grown uncontrollable!  Meg adores balls and has been collecting them her whole life (nearly 9 years!).  She finds them in parks, forests and bushes and mum and dad buy her them for Christmas, birthdays and every time they go on holiday they get her a new ball from a different country.  Also, dad’s job means lots of driving, so anytime he’s driving along the street and sees a stray or abandoned ball, he pulls over to take it home for Meg!

Mum and dad never had the heart to throw any of Meggy’s balls away – so now her collection sits at over 700 and not only fills our huge toy box – but has started branching out down the side of the toybox and in another smaller box too!  Mum has decided Meggy can Ballskeep collecting balls and adding to her huge haul – she wants to see how many balls Meg can collect throughout her entire life and then, one day when Meg is at the Rainbow Bridge, mum and dad will go around all Meg’s favourite parks and hide the balls in bushes and throughout the parks for other dogs to find and take home – just as Meg has.  Mum thinks that would be a nice thing to do in Meg’s memory – to make other doggies happy with a surprise little present from Meg while they’re out on their walk 🙂

We also have our first show of the season coming up.  On Sunday 3 May we will be selling our treats on our stall at Bark In The Park – the fun day and BARK IN THE PARKdog show in aid of Merseyside Dogs Home.  This will be in Calderstones Park, Liverpool between 10am and 4pm.  There will be dog displays, agility, a fun dog show and loads of stall selling a wide range of products.  It will be a great day out for all the family so we hope to see you there.

Throughout May, we will also be attending:-

  • Beechley Riding Stables Fun Dog Show on Sunday 10th May 11am to 4pm (at Beechley Stables, Harthill Road, Allerton, L18 3HU).
  • Guide Dogs Liverpool Fun Day on Saturday 16th May 12pm to 3:30pm (at Muriel Crook House/Youens Way, Liverpool L14 2EP).
  • Paws In The Park Fun Day & Dog Show on Sunday 24th May 11am to 4pm (Hesketh Park, Southport, Merseyside, PR9 9NW).

Come along and see us!

Until next month, love, hugs and woofs 🙂

Meg, Alfie, Roxi & Dolly xxxx