Sleepovers and Shoeboxes!

Hi Friends!

Well November started with a bang (literally!) with bonfire night – one of our least favourite times of the whole year.  Mummy decided this year she would try sereneumus with some calming tablets to see if they made us any less scared of the big bangs from the fireworks.  We are pleased to say that these tablets actually worked and this year we had the calmest, best bonfire night we have ever had!  The tablets made us a bit mellow and chilled out and it just meant that we were far less worried about the noisy fireworks than we usually are.  The tablets mummy used were called Serne-um and they can also be used for travel sickness, hyperactivity and any scary situation for dogs were they may be more nervous and need calming down.

This November, we’ve been busy putting together our shoeboxes for the homeless dogs of Romania!  Like the children’s shoebox appeal, the idea is to make up a shoebox, fill it with dog supplies such as toys, treats, a blanket, shampoo, lead etc and then give it to a dog in need this holiday season.

This year we done four shoeboxes – one from each of us – and we sent them to the Love Underdogs shelter in Romania.  This is a great idea to do for any charity though – or better still, to do for dogs living on the streets with homeless owners.

Here’s our shoeboxes all packed up before mum sent them off (we even added a Christmas card in each of them from us!)

Dog christmas boxes

We want to ask all our lovely doggy customers to please help dogs in need this dogs in needChristmas!  Whether it’s making a shoebox of your own, donating some money, food, supplies or even your time to your local shelter, or popping to Poundland and buying a few cheap bags of treats for dogs on the streets – every little helps animals in need this time of year.

Aside from the shoeboxes, this year we will be giving treats out to dogs that live on the streets with the homeless.  We will also be donating blankets and toys to a couple of local shelters.  If anyone has any pet bits and pieces they no longer need or use, we would be happy to collect them from you and donate them along with our own donations.  Please get in touch using the Contact form on this website, or call 07787747798, or message us through our Facebook page and we will arrange to collect anything people are happy to give 🙂

We had another Doggy Love Sleepover in mid November when 8 month old Staffordshire bull terrier puppy Zeus came to stay with us for a few days.


Zeus was a lovely boy – full of fun and very playful!  He loved all of us and he loved mummy and daddy too!  He liked to sleep on mummy’s chest and belly on the couch!  We had loads of fun with him and will miss him – we hope he comes to stay again.  Here’s some pictures of his sleepover with us….







Next month, we have a beautiful girl named Mia coming to stay with us for Christmas Doggy Love Sleepover!  Mia’s daddy is Italian and so her family are going to Italy for Christmas this year to visit the rest of their family.  So Mia is going to be staying with us for Christmas!  We’ve already bought her some Christmas presents, which are all wrapped up, and mummy is going to bake her some Christmas treats when she bakes ours.  She’s also going to have her very own Christmas Dinner, just like we do!  We are excited to spend Christmas with our Pal and will have lots of lovely pictures to share with you in December’s blog.

Speaking of Christmas, Mummy and Daddy are going to be playing Mr and Mrs Claus this year and delivering Christmas cakes and treats throughout Merseyside on 23rd December (Wirral) and Christmas Eve (Liverpool).  Daddy has even bought a Santa hat for the occasion.  We are delivering our Christmas packages, which consist of a small Christmas Dinner Cake, a bag of Turkey & Cranberry Christmas Trees and a bag of Christmas Pudding Angels – delivered to your dog’s door for £10.  If you live in Wirral or Liverpool and would like the special Christmas package delivering, please contact us to book your delivery slot as soon as possible.  Places are nearly filled and we don’t have many slots left, but mummy wants to deliver to as many dogs as possible so they have their tasty treats this Christmas.  To order the special package, please call 07787747798.  The special deal is only open to people in Merseyside but we can deliver the Christmas products, as well as all the other treats on our menu, to anyone in the country by post.

Christmas Dinner Cake     Christmas Trees    Pudding Angels

We can’t wait to write to you all again at the end of December to tell you all about our Christmas and New Year, our holiday in Wales and our Doggy Love Sleepover with Mia…

dogs at christmas

In the meantime, we hope all our furry friends and their families have a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

Loads of love

Meg, Alfie, Roxi & Dolly xxxx

the gang