About Us

My name is Becky Hughes and I am the owner of Doggy Love Bakery.

It’s safe to say I LOVE dogs! It is my passion and deep rooted love of doggies that inspired me to start Doggy Love Bakery after I started baking dog treats for my own six dogs and realised how much more they enjoyed my home-baked treats.

Doggy Love is very much a family-run venture. I am the baker of all the treats and doggy birthday cakes – all our recipes are created and baked by myself.  My mum helps out baking when we are particularly busy and my sister, Jodi, and my friends help out on our treat stall. My six beautiful fur babies have an active role in the bakery as guinea pigs and tasters for my products – a role they certainly don’t complain about! We also have two rescued ex-battery hens, Tuktuk and Cairo, who provide all our fresh free range eggs to bake with! Even all our tasty treats are named after real-life dogs in our family (past and present) or doggy friends we know.


As a small, independent bakery, we actively support a number of dog charities through fundraising and monthly donations. Check out our “Charity Work’ page to find out more about our fundraising initiatives and how we use the money earned through the bakery to give back to dogs in need.

The “faces” of Doggy Love Bakery are my own six dogs – Meg, Alfie, Roxi, Dolly, Rudy and Stella. We often bring our dogs along with us to dog shows and they love meeting both our two legged and four legged customers! The Doggy Love Bakery dogs have their own monthly blog, which you can read on the “Babies’ Blog” page of our website. You can also learn more about them below:-


Age: 11
Colour: Black
From: Liverpool RSPCA
Loves: Balls, Sheep, Kisses
Hates: Having her ears cleaned
Nicknames: Megga, Moo, Meggly, Meggamufin, Mooch, Megsies
Favourite treat: Tuna Triangles


Meg was our first “original” dog and she’s also our oldest at 11 years old. Meg is a black Labrador crossed with a terrier, who we adopted from the RSPCA when she was just 3 months old and had been found as a stray. Meg loves her walks, but in the house, she’s a lazy bones and loves lounging around in her favourite spot on the sofa. Meg loves balls and finds and collects them wherever she goes – at the last count she had over 800 balls in her toy box! She sleeps in the crook of my legs every single night and wakes us every morning by smothering us with licks and kisses!


Age: 10
Colour: Golden
From: Neglectful home
Loves: His head out of the car window
Hates: People touching his paws
Nicknames: Alf, Alfreddy, Alfrederick, Boo, Budey, Sunshine, Budey Guy
Favourite treat: Gammon & Pineapple Hearts

We rescued Alfie from his previous owners, who no longer wanted him, when he was just a few months old and he is now 10, although everyone says he still looks like a puppy! Alfie is a Golden Retriever crossed with a Border Collie. His favourite toy is his long stuffed snake, which he loves to play tug-of-war with, but he is also partial to stealing slippers! Alfie loves to be brushed and comes upstairs every morning after his breakfast so I can give him a daily brush after I’ve done my own hair.


Black and Brown Two-Tone
RSPCA Liverpool
Chasing Birds and Squirrels
Not being with Mum and Dad
Roxter, Roxanni, Roxange, Lou
Favourite treat:
Cheese & Ham Buttons


Roxi is our cheeky monkey. We were not looking for another dog at the time, but we visited the RSPCA to donate some money we had raised for them and fell in love when we seen her because she looked just like a mini Meg! She is very mischievous and cheeky (some might even say naughty from time to time!) She loves to play wrestle her brother and sisters, chase birdies and climb trees to see squirrels. She also has a bit of a foot fetish and enjoys licking toes! She loves any toy, is always ready to play and makes us laugh every day.


Age: 5
Colour: Black and Tan (Brindle)
From: Love Underdogs
Loves: Food glorious food!
Hates: Being picked up, Strangers
Nicknames: Dolpop, Dolpopine, Dolene, Dolini, Pop
Favourite treat: Doggy Doughnuts


Dolly came from Love Underdogs, a charity we support that rescues stray dogs from Romania and brings them to the UK for a chance at a loving family life. Her original Romanian name was ‘Medina’ and she had severe confidence issues because of the tough life she had led prior to coming to England. We changed her name to reflect the day her life changed when she came to live with us. Although still timid around strangers, Dolly has come a long way and at home is cheeky, playful and confident. She likes to wake us up each morning by stretching her paws out to whack us in the face and she squeals at the top of her lungs whenever she gets excited!



Age: 3
Colour: Red
From: Love Underdogs
Loves: Anything edible, Shoes
Hates: Loud noises, Cyclists
Nicknames: Ru, Rooster, Roosty, Rudles, Rudykins, Mr Man, Matey Boy
Favourite treat: Duck Kisses


We adopted Rudy when we went out to Romania to work voluntarily in the shelter where Dolly had originally come from. We fell in love with Rudy and Stella, who were best friends, so they came home together to live with us. Rudy is probably the happiest dog we have ever known. He is ALWAYS happy, loves life and his tail just constantly wags – even in his sleep or when he’s nervous/unsure of something. Rudy has boundless energy and is always on the go – his favourite game is to play hide and seek with Stella in the garden, but he loves a good play fight too and harasses her no end to play with him all day long (whether she wants to or not!) He loves all toys but prefers to chew shoes!



Age: 3
Colour: White, Grey and Brown
From: Love Underdogs
Loves: Sleeping, Birds and Remote controls
Hates: Being disturbed from sleep
Nicknames: Stelly, Stells, Stells Bells, Stellini
Favourite treat: Strawberry Milkshake Buttons


Stella is from the same Romanian shelter as Dolly and Rudy. She and Rudy are best friends and we fell in love with them both. Stella is the opposite of Rudy – she is calm, serious, lazy and bossy. She is very no non-sense and will tell the others off if they step out of line. Stella doesn’t bother much with toys but seems to have a penchant for remote controls, having chewed up four of them! She sleeps on our pillow every night and growls if anyone moves in the night and disturbs her! She is very loving and adores attention from people.