New additions to the Doggy Love gang!

Hi Pals!

After a looooong break away from our monthly blog posts, we are starting them up again to keep you all in the loop about what we’ve been up to!  And let us tell you, a LOT has happened since our last post, which was well over a year ago now!!

In March, mum and dad took us original four dogs (Meg, Alfie, Roxi and Dolly) on a caravan holiday around Europe.  We loved travelling with mum and dad and did some sightseeing, visiting Paris, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Bruges, Luxembourg and the Love Underdogs’ sister shelter in Osnabruck, Germany.  Mum and dad said they were so proud of us because we were really well behaved and made travelling with us easy for them.  As you can see, Alfie especially loved visiting Amsterdam (typical boy!) 

          EIFFEL TOWER              ALF IN AMSTERDAM

In October 2016 mum and dad went to China, where they did a sponsored trek of the Great Wall of China which raised over £1,200 for Love Underdogs and Animals Asia, a charity that rescues bears from bear-bile farms and dogs from the horrific dog meat trade in China. The trek lasted two days (trekking for around 7-8 hours per day) and mum even did the second day’s trekking with a nasty flu virus but soldiered on (something she never shuts up about!)  Mum and dad want to say a massive thank you to everyone who sponsored them and helped them raise so much.


They also took a trip to Brasov in Romania in July 2016, where they worked voluntarily in the dog shelter where Dolly came from for a week.  They took two huge suitcases of donations out with them, which all our lovely customers helped them gather, and during their time there, they cleaned out the kennels, scrubbed and refilled the doggy swimming pool, painted dog kennels and socialised and played with the puppies to get them used to human interaction and to give them more time out of their kennels.  While they were there, mummy fell in love with a dog they called “Stella” and daddy fell in love with a dog they called “Rudy”.  They couldn’t decide which dog to take and both dogs happened to be best friends, so in the end they decided that both dogs needed to come home with them and join our family!  So in September last year Rudy and Stella travelled from Romania to their new home in Liverpool to be with us.  They have settled in really well and now it’s like they’ve always been here.  They are the babies of the pack and both are coming up to three years old.  They are truly the best of friends and love nothing more than play-fighting and playing hide and seek in the garden around the shed, tree, chicken coop and mum and dad’s caravan. 


rU AND sTELLAWe also went on our annual family trip to Wales – the first holiday for Rudy and Stella, who were both as good as gold and thoroughly enjoyed their holidays!


So, all in all it’s been quite a year, which is why we haven’t had time to write our blog.  We promise this year we will keep you updated monthly on what we’ve been up to and the dog shows we will be attending with our treat stall.  Rudy and Stella are quite excited to attend the shows and help out on the stall and meet all our lovely customers.

The dog shows begin at the end of April and we are so excited to help mum bake, get on the stall and get out and about to see you all again!  This blog will be happening monthly again after our sneaky year off so check back at the end of every month to see what we’ve been up to and where we’re all going to be.

Our first show is Bark In The Park, in aid of Merseyside Dogs Home, on Sunday 30 April at Calderstones Park, Liverpool.  Can’t wait to see you all there!

Lots of love and licks


Meg, Alfie, Roxi, Dolly, Rudy & Stella


Happy 2016!

Hi everyone and a big Happy New Year to you all!

We hope you all had a lovely Christmas break and are ready to start 2016 with a bang! After a lovely relaxing Christmas and New Year we have had a jam packed January with plenty of exciting stuff going on.

In January, our mummy had a milestone birthday when she turned 30.  We got mummy some new doggy earrings and lots of cards and balloons.  Mum had a lovely meal withdog earrings all her very best family and friends.  She was sad we weren’t usallowed in the restaurant to go too – but she brought her birthday cake home and gave us a cheeky piece and on the day of her birthday she too the day off work and we all went on a lovely long walk around one our favourite parkies.  The sun even came out for us and we chased squirrels and went for a swim in the lake.  Mum and dad even managed to find four balls – one for each of us!  We had a lovely day and want to wish our mummy a very happy birthday and tell her we love her lots 🙂

Just after mum’s birthday, all four of us had an appointment at the vets to get our doggy dog passportspassports.  In March, mum and dad are taking us on holiday on a road trip around Europe in our little caravan and so we need our own passports so we’re allowed to get the ferry over to France.  Dolly already has a passport as she is from Romania, but some details still needed updating and she still needed her rabies jab.  Our passports are all ready now and cant wait to use them for our holidays!  Mum and dad love travelling so they are so excited they can take us on adventures on their travels. Whilst we are there, we are going Lavenderto visit the German branch of Love Underdogs to visit a special friend of ours – Lavender.  Lavender is a tri-pawed Underdog who was moved to Germany when she didn’t get a family in England.  Instead of buying mummy a Christmas present this year, mummy’s friend instead decided to sponsor Lavender in mum’s name so mummy want to visit her and meet her and take her out for the day when we go to Germany.

Speaking of travels – this year mum and dad have two important trips coming up and they need your help!  In July, they’re going to Romania to volunteer in the dog shelter romania stuffwhere Dolly came from.  If anyone has any spare/unused pet products to donate, mum and dad would be super grateful as they’re trying to collect as much supplies to take to the shelter dogs as possible!  Anyone that has pet shampoo, blankets, toys, leads, bowls or anything else they no longer use and can donate, please get in touch and mum and dad will arrange to come and collect them from you.  We already have lots of bits donated by our kind customers and friends, but the more the better! Huge thank you to everyone who has already donated!

Then in October, mum and dad are visiting China on holiday, but while they’re there they’re doing a two day trek of the Great Wall to raise money for Love Underdogs and Animals Asia. To find out more about our Trek or to show your support by sponsoring us, please click here.

This month. we’ve also had our old pal Zeus to stay for the night.  His family had a Zeus cuddleschickensfamily party to go to in another part of the country so Zeus came to stay with us for a one night sleepover.  Zeus is only a pup so has bags of energy and always wants to play.  By night time though, he’s worn out and ready for cuddles with us all on the sofa.  He especially loves our chickens and was fascinated when he could see them on the windowsill through the bathroom window!

Next month, it’s Valentine’s Day and mum is busy baking big heart shaped doggy cakes and Alfie’s Gammon & Pineapple Hearts, so us pooches can celebrate the day of love like everyone else!  We are delivering on Valentine’s day (Sunday 14th February) so get your orders in now!

We are also busy preparing our new treat flavours for 2016 – which will also include cat treats for our feline friends and treats specially to help with conditions.  We’re sure you’ll all love them so watch this space.

We’ve even started booking on all our spring and summer shows – check out our events page to see where our stall will be selling our treats this season.  Come along and see us to try our new treats- we can’t wait to seed you!

That’s all for now guys so we’ll be back at the end of February.

Loads of love and woofs!  Meg, Alfie, Roxi & Dolly xxxx

Meg      alfie 

Roxi      dolly

Festive Fur Babies

Hi Furry Friends!

Boy have we got lots of exciting news to share with you!  December has been jam packed with festive fun and lots going on for us to tell you about!

At the beginning of the month, mum and dad took us to see the “Weeping Window” poppies, which are at St George’s Hall on tour from London.  Although remembrance day was last month in November, the poppies are in Liverpool until the end of January so we went to have a look one night when it was quiet.


Us with Mum at the Poppies



Speaking of remembrance, we were delighted to hear that Diesel, the police dog killed in the Paris terrorist attacks, was awarded the PDSA Dickin Medal – the animal version of the Victoria Cross.  This month, mum and dad were lucky enough to be invited to the Kirkdale PDSA Animal Hospital for a tour.  The PDSA is one of the charities we donate monthly to and mum and dad loved being able to go behind the scenes.  First they got to find out all about the PDSA’s history and how the charity was founded.  Then they got to tour the hospital, meet the staff and even sit in on some pet operations!  They then got to meet some of the in-patients who had recently had surgery and see the medicine dispensary.  The day was then topped off with mulled wine, mince pies and the chance to do some Christmas shopping at the PDSA shop!  They had a lovely day and were thrilled at being given the chance to see where their donations go.  To find out more about the PDSA, click here.

December wouldn’t be December without a visit to see Father Christmas and this year we all went to see Santa Paws at the doggy grotto!  Dolly was a little wary of Santa but she soon thawed when she seen what treats he had on offer!  After we met Santa Paws, mum and dad got us some presents, including some yummy doggy beer – which we loved!


After we met Santa Paws – it was time to pack!  Daddy’s birthday is just before Christmas and every year we all go to Wales to stay in a bungalow for a few days.  We absolutely love our holidays with mum and dad.  We all relax, have fun and get to spend lots of quality time together!  Because it’s winter and nearly Christmas we don’t see many people and we get to go on long walks in the countryside, on the beach and climb mountains!  We like it so much we never want to come home.  Here’s a couple of snaps of our jollies…


When we got back from our holiday it was all systems go for baking all the Christmas me ad necake and treat orders!  On 23rd December mum and dad delivered all the Wirral orders and on Christmas Eve they delivered all the Liverpool orders.  Mum and dad loved playing Santa and delivering treats and cakes to all the doggies of Merseyside!  Mum wore her Christmas jumper and dad dressed up as Father Christmas!  Each dog came to the door to meet Mum so she could get a pic – some dogs even wore Christmas jumpers or festive accessories!  Mummy loved meeting all her customers and giving them their Christmas treats personally.  To see the photos of all our lovely Christmas customers click here.  Thank you to all our customers – we hope each and every one of you had a lovely Christmas with your families and enjoyed your treats from Doggy Love Bakery.

Our Christmas was lovely!  As usual we spent it at home, just us and mum and dad – although we did spend Boxing Day with Nanny and Aunty Jodi too.  We got spoilt by our family – mummy baked us our own personalised cakes, daddy served up Christmas dinner, nanny made us each treat jars and we got toys, doggy beer and a new doggy feeder as part of our presents.

mia2     jars    dinner   feeder


Mummy got daddy a special silhouette picture made of our family with all of us on, made by the lovely Jo at Paintings Van Gough.  Daddy loved it so much he hung it up on the wall the day after Christmas without mummy even having to nag!  See if you can spot which of us is which…

Mummy got lots of nice presents but her favourites were some charity donations/sponsorships from daddy and her best friends.  Mummy’s friend Lizzie made a donation to the RSPCA instead of getting her a present, and her friend Kate sponsored the lovely Lavender Underdog for her!  Daddy also sponsored a kennel at Battersea Dogs Home for her too.  Mummy was super grateful for all her presents but ones like these touch her heart and are by far her favourite!

We’ve had lots of Doggy Love Sleepovers this year and Christmas was no different.  mia3We had the beautiful Mia to stay with us for ten whole days over the festive period while her family went to Italy to spend Christmas with their Italian relatives.  As it was Christmas and Mia was away from her family, we wanted to make sure her time with us was extra special.  Mummy baked her treats and we made sure she had some presents from us to open on Christmas morning.  Even mia6our nanny got her a little something because she knew she was coming to stay.  Of course she also had her own Christmas dinner on Christmas day, just like us.  Mia was amia7 perfect house guest and was very well behaved.  She is a very happy, bouncy, friendly pup who just loves everybody and we will definitely miss her! Her family are going away again later in the year though so we get to spend a lot more time with her in the summer time!

So, Christmas is all over and next up comes New Year. 2016 is going to be a big year for us here at Doggy Love HQ.  Our mummy has a milestone birthday in January, us pups have our first holiday abroad and in the summer we will be back at all our usual dog shows with our stall selling our treats and meeting all our lovely customers again.  In July mum and dad are volunteering for a week in a Romanian dog shelter and then in October they’re off to China to trek the Great Wall to raise money for more dogs!  If you have any pet supplies or anything to donate to the Romanian shelter (blankets, treats, food, bowls, leads etc) please get in touch and we will pick it up from you.  If you want to sponsor our mum and dad for their Great Wall Trek, please click here.

We are also working on some new doggy cakes, treat flavours and themed treats for next year and we’re even developing some treats for cats!  Apparently many of our doggy customers live with feline pals – who knew?!

On New Years Eve we will be cuddled up on the couch with mum and dad – probably snoozing our way through the new year!  Whatever your plans and wherever you are – we wish you all the very best for 2016, we hope it’s a good year for you all.  Click the link below to view a card from us, and we look forward to seeing you all next year 🙂

New Year Card from Doggy Love

Goodbye from us for the last time in 2015!

Meg, Alfie, Roxi & Dolly xxx



Sleepovers and Shoeboxes!

Hi Friends!

Well November started with a bang (literally!) with bonfire night – one of our least favourite times of the whole year.  Mummy decided this year she would try sereneumus with some calming tablets to see if they made us any less scared of the big bangs from the fireworks.  We are pleased to say that these tablets actually worked and this year we had the calmest, best bonfire night we have ever had!  The tablets made us a bit mellow and chilled out and it just meant that we were far less worried about the noisy fireworks than we usually are.  The tablets mummy used were called Serne-um and they can also be used for travel sickness, hyperactivity and any scary situation for dogs were they may be more nervous and need calming down.

This November, we’ve been busy putting together our shoeboxes for the homeless dogs of Romania!  Like the children’s shoebox appeal, the idea is to make up a shoebox, fill it with dog supplies such as toys, treats, a blanket, shampoo, lead etc and then give it to a dog in need this holiday season.

This year we done four shoeboxes – one from each of us – and we sent them to the Love Underdogs shelter in Romania.  This is a great idea to do for any charity though – or better still, to do for dogs living on the streets with homeless owners.

Here’s our shoeboxes all packed up before mum sent them off (we even added a Christmas card in each of them from us!)

Dog christmas boxes

We want to ask all our lovely doggy customers to please help dogs in need this dogs in needChristmas!  Whether it’s making a shoebox of your own, donating some money, food, supplies or even your time to your local shelter, or popping to Poundland and buying a few cheap bags of treats for dogs on the streets – every little helps animals in need this time of year.

Aside from the shoeboxes, this year we will be giving treats out to dogs that live on the streets with the homeless.  We will also be donating blankets and toys to a couple of local shelters.  If anyone has any pet bits and pieces they no longer need or use, we would be happy to collect them from you and donate them along with our own donations.  Please get in touch using the Contact form on this website, or call 07787747798, or message us through our Facebook page and we will arrange to collect anything people are happy to give 🙂

We had another Doggy Love Sleepover in mid November when 8 month old Staffordshire bull terrier puppy Zeus came to stay with us for a few days.


Zeus was a lovely boy – full of fun and very playful!  He loved all of us and he loved mummy and daddy too!  He liked to sleep on mummy’s chest and belly on the couch!  We had loads of fun with him and will miss him – we hope he comes to stay again.  Here’s some pictures of his sleepover with us….







Next month, we have a beautiful girl named Mia coming to stay with us for Christmas Doggy Love Sleepover!  Mia’s daddy is Italian and so her family are going to Italy for Christmas this year to visit the rest of their family.  So Mia is going to be staying with us for Christmas!  We’ve already bought her some Christmas presents, which are all wrapped up, and mummy is going to bake her some Christmas treats when she bakes ours.  She’s also going to have her very own Christmas Dinner, just like we do!  We are excited to spend Christmas with our Pal and will have lots of lovely pictures to share with you in December’s blog.

Speaking of Christmas, Mummy and Daddy are going to be playing Mr and Mrs Claus this year and delivering Christmas cakes and treats throughout Merseyside on 23rd December (Wirral) and Christmas Eve (Liverpool).  Daddy has even bought a Santa hat for the occasion.  We are delivering our Christmas packages, which consist of a small Christmas Dinner Cake, a bag of Turkey & Cranberry Christmas Trees and a bag of Christmas Pudding Angels – delivered to your dog’s door for £10.  If you live in Wirral or Liverpool and would like the special Christmas package delivering, please contact us to book your delivery slot as soon as possible.  Places are nearly filled and we don’t have many slots left, but mummy wants to deliver to as many dogs as possible so they have their tasty treats this Christmas.  To order the special package, please call 07787747798.  The special deal is only open to people in Merseyside but we can deliver the Christmas products, as well as all the other treats on our menu, to anyone in the country by post.

Christmas Dinner Cake     Christmas Trees    Pudding Angels

We can’t wait to write to you all again at the end of December to tell you all about our Christmas and New Year, our holiday in Wales and our Doggy Love Sleepover with Mia…

dogs at christmas

In the meantime, we hope all our furry friends and their families have a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

Loads of love

Meg, Alfie, Roxi & Dolly xxxx

the gang


Happy Halloween!

Hi Friends!

Well, October began with a bang with National Black Dog Day and World Vegetarian day both on the first day of the month.

Black Dog Day means something to us because both Meg and Roxi are black dogs.  Black dogs, for one reason or another, are often overlooked and the last dogs to be chosen in kennels and shelters.  There are more homeless black dogs than any other colour dog, so it’s important this special day raises awareness of black dogs and how beautiful they are and what great pets they can be.  Mum and dad love Meg and Roxi’s gorgeously silky glossy coats and velvety ears.  Both are blessings and we all love them so much, so it’s perplexing why black dogs are so ignored.  We are grateful this month for our beautiful black sisters and we love them both so much!

Black dog     meg     Rox

It was also World Vegetarian Day on 1st October too.  Our mummy went vegetarian earlier this year.  Mummy loves animals, and she decided that she doesn’t want any living creature to lose its life unnecessarily for her eat a meal, so she gave up eating anything that had ever been alive. We are really proud of mummy for doing this, but we must admit we are very glad she still makes us plenty of meaty treats 🙂

veggie day

Earlier in the month, mum and dad took Meg and Alfie to the Family Pet Show in Manchester where Meg won 1st place in the Golden Oldie category at Scruffts!  Mum and dad took Meg and Alf just for a fun day out (Dolly and Roxi had a day out on their own a few days before so it was Meg and Alfie’s turn!)  Meg was invited to go to Discover Dogs in London for the Scruffts semi final and as mum and dad love her so much and were so proud of her winning unexpectedly, they took her to London for a special day, just the three of them, so she could compete.  Meg didn’t go any further in the competition, but she was just as happy being spoiled rotten by mum and dad on her special day out and loves her winners’ bandana and rosette!  Well done Meggy!

meggle     rosette

In October, we also had a Doggy Love Sleepover with the lovey Juke, our good pal.  We had loads of fun with Juke – we went on a big walk, he met our nanny and our chickens, ate mummy’s treats and him and mummy even had matching Adidas hoodies 🙂  Here’s some pics of Jukey’s sleepover with us…

juke1  juke2juke3

Finally, October ended with Halloween.  Mum and dad carved pumpkins – dad’s was the face and mum tried to do a doggy themed one by doing a scary werewolf!


Mum found this picture on the net of some carved pumpkins to advertise rescuing, fostering and adopting dogs and she absolutely loved it, although she doesn’t think she’d ever be that good at pumpkin carving!


Mum used the pumpkin she scooped out from carving to bake us some delicious chicken and pumpkin flavour treats.  They were yummy and we wolfed them down so the bakery will be baking these next year in time for Halloween 2016, along with some other Halloween themed treats.  Mum even used the pumpkin seeds by roasting them in cinnamon and sugar as a tasty treat for her and daddy.  We don’t like waste at Doggy Love!

We also finalised our Christmas products this month and they’re all now available to order.  Designed to be a starter, main course and pudding, we have Turkey & Cranberry Christmas Trees, Christmas Dinner Cake and Christmas Pudding Angels.  All are on the website bakery shop or can be ordered via Facebook or telephone too.  We have a special deal on – order all three and have them delivered on Christmas Eve for £10 (Liverpool area only though as mum and dad unfortunately can’t deliver as far or as fast as Father Christmas!)

                     Pudding Angels

That’s all or news from October friends.  We hope all our furry pals had a fun-filled month and happy Halloween.  We will be back at the end of the month to tell you what we’ve been up to throughout November but in the meantime, please all be careful and safe during the Bonfire Night fireworks.  Dogs are scared of fireworks and it’s not a very nice night for us and our other animal friends.


Mummy uses a herbal supplement in our dinner that calms us down slightly and her and daddy stay indoors with us all day so we’re not alone.  They turn the TV up louder so we can’t hear the bangs as much and they play fetch and tug of war with us to distract us from the fireworks and make us tired quicker so we fall asleep quicker.  Mum and dad also don’t react when the bangs go off – even when they’re really close by and loud.  They just ignore the bangs completely and that makes us feel safer too because if mum and dad aren’t scared or bothered, then we are a bit calmer knowing there musn’t be anything to worry about!

Bonfire night is never fun for animals and pets so we hope all our doggy pals and their owners are safe and calm this year 🙂

Lots of love and woofs

Meg, Alfie, Roxi & Dolly




Wet noses, raffle winners & London calling….

Hi guys!

Sorry for the lateness of the September blog, we had such a busy month throughout September with the last of our dog shows, that mummy has been having a big rest after a whole spring and summertime of dog shows!

We had our final few shows this month before winter kicks in and they pretty much finish up until next Spring.  At the beginning of the month we had the Battersea Annual Reunion in Battersea Park in Central London.  Mum and dad decided that we could go with them, as none of us have ever been to London before, so it was very exciting for us to visit the capital city.  After the show, mum and dad took us sightseeing and we got to see Big Ben, The Tower Bridge and even Buckingham Palace!  We were a bit disappointed that we didn’t see any of the Queen’s Corgis – we thought we could make friends with them, but they weren’t around so we just had a little mooch around their lovely big house and gardens. 


After Battersea we had Woofs and Wellies in aid of Woodlands Hospice, a lovely dog show in Croxteth Park in Liverpool – one of our local parks we often go for walks in.  Then there was the Great Greyhound Gathering, which is held in Nottingham Racecourse in aid of the Retired Greyhound Trust, who rescue and rehome ex racing dogs. Finally, we had Paws in the Park, held in Sherdley Park in St Helens.  All were busy shows and we went with mum and dad to all of them, so we had a whole month of helping out on the stall at shows, which we loved!  Aside from meeting all our puppy pals, we won’t deny sneaking some of mummy’s treats!

As some of you may know, we had been selling raffle tickets on our stall for the past few weeks.  This was to raise money for Animals Asia and Love Underdogs, two dog charities that rescue dogs from Romania and China respectively.  Mum and dad are doing a two day trek of the Great Wall of China next year to raise as much as they can for these two worthy charities, and they thought doing a raffle would help towards their target fundraising amount.  We sold many raffle tickets and want to say a MASSIVE thank you to everyone who supported our cause and bought tickets.  We are really grateful for your support of our mum and dad and so happy you have helped us raise money for the charities so they can help more doggies in need.

We are delighted to announce the winners of our raffle – the gorgeous Max and Cleo, Labradors from Wirral.  Their daddy Mike bought their winning raffle ticket from the Port Sunlight Dog Show back in August.  If the winner had been a dog from another part of the country at one of the shows we do further afield, we would have had to courier their prize, but as the winner was nearby where we live, we were able to deliver their prize personally and got to meet the beautiful Max and Cleo and say hello!  Here’s some picture of our lovely winners, who were absolutely thrilled when we arrived with their prize of a bag of every type of treat we make, plus two doggy pops and a small doggy cake!!  Well done Max and Cleo!

Max and Cleo

To find out more about mum and dad’s China trek challenge, the charities they are fundraising for and the work they do, or to support them by sponsoring them, please visit their sponsorship page here:

Also, our mummy and daddy are visiting Romania next year as well, to volunteer for ten days in the dog shelter out there where Dolly came from.  If any of our lovely customers has any spare dog supplies they no longer want or use, which they would like to donate to the shelter, we would be really grateful as mum and dad want to take as much out to donate as they cane to help the shelter out.  We are looking for things like blankets, dog beds, leads, collars, toys, shampoo, flea and tick treatments, bowls, treats – anything that they can use.  If you have anything you could donate, please email us at and mum and dad will arrange to come and collect your kind donations.

It was “Wet Nose Day” on 25 September 2015 – a day like “red nose day” but in aid of wet noseanimals worldwide in need.  Instead of buying a red nose, you can buy a big black “wet nose” and all the money raised will go towards various animal charities all over the world that are in desperate need of help. Mum and dad bought their noses and challenged each other to wear them for a whole hour whilst they were making their way home from work!  Join in the fun next year and make sure you buy your wet noses to show your support for this worthy cause.  Check out the website here:

That’s all the news from September folks.  We will blog again at the end of October to let you know all what we’ve been up to this month.

Lots of love and woofs

Meg, Alfie, Roxi & Dolly xxxx

Our very own show!

Hi friends

Well, where do we start?  August has been a very busy and fun-filled month for us but we have loved every minute.

August began and ended with two Doggy Love Sleepovers.  Mum started the month  by having a Doggy Love Sleepover with the gorgeous Mollie & Bella in their home whilst their family went on holiday.  Mollie and Bella were really well behaved for mum and had loads of fun with them.  They went to Calderstones Park for a walk, had bacon rolls from McDonalds for breakfast, munched mum’s treats and met up with us for a play date.

424466794426156    424466684426167

Then, at the very end of the month, we had the cute Casper to stay with us in our house while his family went on their jollies too.  Casper enjoyed staying with us – we took him to mummy’s show to help on the stall, he met our chickens Gypsy and Tuktuk, we went on a day out around Sutton Woods and he even had a groom by mummy so he went home looking all smart to his family 🙂

casper2    casper

This month, our lovely Aunty Jodi turned 18 and is now finally an adult!  We want to wish her a huge happy birthday and say a big thank you to her for everything she does us!  We love Aunty Jode so much, as she looks after us when mum and dad go on holiday and she often comes to the dog shows to help out.  She’s our best friend!  We got her a lovely pair of earrings for her birthday that match a ring her best friend got her.  We wanted to get her something special she could keep forever and she loved our present!

Jde and Meg   jode (2)   Jode and Rox   jo and doll

We had the RSPCA Liverpool show, a show that our mummy helped to organise/host. The RSPCA Liverpool has a special place in our hearts as it’s where both Meg and Roxi came from and mum and dad have done lots to help out the charity over the years including monthly donations, a skydive, Santa dashes and food and supply donations every Christmas.

Doggy Love Bakery provided treats and doggy pops as prizes for the winners of the dog show.  The day was a great success and the weather stayed nice and dry.  There was a fab dog display, have a go agility, temptation alley, the fun dog show, a bouncy castle, balloon artist, face painter, magician, paint-your-own pottery and make your own cupcakes for children, a pet photographer and caricaturist, mascots, cake stall, Vets 4 Pets, PAT dogs, Merseyside Dogs Home, Guide Dogs, the lifeboat service, tasty food and drink and the kennels and cattery were open so people could check out the dogs and cats needing forever homes.  There was loads to see and do for the whole family and everyone had a brilliant day.

All four of us went to help on the stall and support mum, as well as Casper, who was with us on his Doggy Love Sleepover.  We also had Aunty Jodi and Aunty Ashleigh, who worked on the bouncy castle, Aunty Jenny, who helped out too and our pals Mike and Jenny and their dogs Mitzy and Holly.  Mike is a magician and he came along to do some tricks and magic for the people attending the show.  Mike’s magic is amazing and always wows people!  He does weddings and events so if anyone needs a magician for their party, his website is here.

We had a really fun day and Casha & Pip, who mum had a Doggy Love Sleepover withDSCF6409 a few weeks back, came to see us to, which was lovely.  Dolly and Roxi even managed to win some rosettes on the day!  Dolly came 3rd in Best Rescue and Roxi came 1st in Prettiest Bitch and then went on to win 4th in Best in Show!

DSCF6375 (2)    DSCF6402   ME AND JO

We will report next month how much the day managed to make for the RSPCA.

Next month, we have a trip to London on the cards for the Battersea Dogs Home’s Annual Reunion (our first ever trip to the big smoke!) and our last few shows of 2015 – Woofs and Wellies in Croxteth Park, Liverpool, Great Greyhound Gathering in Nottingham Racecourse, Paws in the Park in St Helens and the Ness Dog Show in Neston, Wirral.

See you then! Woof, Woof!

Meg, Alfie, Roxi & Dolly xxxx




Birthday Babies!

Hi Guys

During July, we celebrated our birthdays and had a ball!  Meg and Alfie were both born in July one year apart, so mum and dad picked a random date so they could celebrate their special day together – the 16th.  When Roxi came along, mum and dad didn’t want her to be left out so, not knowing her birth date, she started celebrating her birthday on 16th July too.  Purely by coincidence, when mum and dad got Dolly, they noticed on her doggy passport that her birthday was 15th July!  So we all celebrate our birthdays on 16th July and every year mum and dad make it special.

This year, mum and dad took the day off work and made our entire day perfect from start to finish.  We started the day with a leisurely lie-in having plenty of duvet cuddles and snuggles.  When we got up, mum made us porridge for breakfast and gave us our presents.  We got some new balls, a birthday card each, some rabbit ears and mum had baked us some bday1birthday biscuits 🙂  Then it was time to get our harnesses on and jump in the car for a drive to West Yorkshire, where we went on a long countryside walk through fields, forests, waterfalls and streams.  We stopped along the way for a birthday lunch of bacon rolls, paddled in the streams and Alf and Doll bday3even got a selfie at a waterfall!  Then it was back home for a bath from mum using our new cherry almond shampoo so we were all fresh as daisies and smelling divine!  Exhausted from our day, we had a snooze whilst mum baked us a liver bday2birthday cake, which we ate for supper washed down with some doggy milk before flopping into bed out for the count!  We had the best day and even gave Bruno, a doggy pal mum groomed the next day, a piece of our birthday cake, which we wolfed down!

Meg also received a special present from beyond the grave for her birthday this year – our Gaga, who is up in heaven, had his ashes scattered in one of our favourite parks and we went the day after our birthday to visit him.  When we got back to our car to go home after our walk, Gaga had left a ball for Meg at the side of our car.  Gaga and Meggy had a very special bond and loved each loads so it’s nice Gaga can still make sure Meggy gets a present from him in heaven 🙂

Mum and dad also got us an extra special present for our birthdays – a caravan!  As Roxmum and dad love travelling, it’s always been their dream to take us abroad on holiday with them.  So, they have bought a small retro vintage caravan cheap on ebay and they are going to spend the rest of the year renovating and restoring it so that next year they can take us touring around France and Belgium in it.  As the caravan is really for us – it’s going to be a doggy caravan.  Mum has bought some dog printed wallpaper for it, we have some lovely dog cushions to go inside and mum is going to hang pictures of us on the walls – it’s going to be our dogmobile!  Speaking of portraits, Roxi went with mum and dad to the Cheshire Dogs Home Fun Day and while she was there, got her portrait done by a pet photographer on a nearby stall.  Do you like it?

In other good news, daddy discovered a Husky dog named Skye whose owner had sadly died in hospital, and the lady who had been minding her whilst her owner had gone into hospital  needed to Skyefind her a new home.  Mummy put a status up on Facebook and one of our lovely customers mentioned the status to a friend of hers, whose own husky dog, Jade, had passed away a couple of weeks before.  She decided she wanted to meet Skye and, after a successful meeting, Skye now has a new home, a new family and some new doggy siblings!  We are thrilled for Skye and her family and wish her all the best for her future.  Here’s Skye (left) with her doggy siblings on he new bed!

sophie3We had some sad news last month when one of our doggy customers, the beautiful Sophie, sadly passed away and went to the Rainbow Bridge.  Sophie was a lovely girl – here’s a picture of her with her Doggy Love birthday cake.  Sophie’s sister, Dandy, is currently awaiting a new little sister – a black lab puppy, so she won’t be alone for long.   RIP Sophie, gone but never forgotten xxx

Last month, mummy had a Doggy Love Sleepover with Casha and Pip while their parents went away for the weekend.  When mummy minds dogs, she wants it to be as fun as possible so the dogs don’t miss their families and get sad.  She likes the dogs to have their own little holiday while their families are away.  Kennels are not suited to every dog – some dogs are truly part of the family and are used to a lifestyle at home.  Other dogs are rescue dogs that previously lived in kennels whilst at shelters waiting for their forever homes, so returning them, even temporarily, isn’t an option.  Mummy minds dogs at our house, who move in with us at home, whilst other times, mummy goes to stay in the dogs’ house to mind them in their own home.

In July, mummy went to mind Casha and Pip at their house for the weekend and Cashahad a ball!  Casha and Pip are lovely dogs, who slept in bed with mum and looked after her for us while she was away with plenty of doggy kisses and snuggles.  They had long walks, Bacon for breakfast, treats, toy time, snuggles and even Pipaccompanied mum and dad to one of our dog shows to help on our stall.  There, they met loads of friends and Pip even came fourth in best mixed breed dog!  Casha and Pip’s mum and dad were really proud when she returned home with a rosette!

Next month we also have a busy month of shows, including our very own Doggy Love Show which we are jointly organising with the RSPCA Liverpool (where Meg and Roxi Showcame from).  The RSPCA show will be on Sunday 30th August at the Halewood Centre, Higher Road, Halewood, Liverpool, L26 9TX.  There will be dog agility, a fun dog show, food and drink, a sweet stall, a pet photographer, pet caricaturist, a children’s magician, bouncy castle, face painter and balloon artist, temptation alley, cakes, a nail technician, mascots, pet products and plenty of stalls and fun for all the family.  Of course we will be there also selling our tasty treats and cakes and we will also be providing treats to the winners of the fun dog show!  There’s even a competition for cats!  Bring along a funny pic of your cat, write your name and contact details on the back and submit the pic with £1 on the day – and the funniest pic will win a load of cat goodies!

Hope to see you all there.

Loads of love

Meg, Alfie, Roxi & Dolly xxxx









Doggy Love Daddies!

Hi Pals!

June has been a very busy and exciting month and we have lots to share with you all!

Before we get to the good stuff though, we have some very sad news we must share.  Last month, we told you about our new chicken Burt, who daddy rescued when he found him sick in a bush along the side of the motorway.  Burt turned out to be a “she”, so we renamed her Betsy.  After being released from the vet, Betsy came home to live with us before unfortunately deteriorating further, so mum and dad took the decision to have her put to sleep to spare her any pain or suffering.  Our chicken sister Betsy is now in heaven but thankfully pain free and at peace.  We buried her in our garden and in her memory, we rescued two ex-battery hens who now provide us with fresh eggs for our bakery!  So, we’re happy to introduce you to Gypsy and Tuktuk…

Gypsy      Tuktuk

Back in March we celebrated all things mum for Mother’s Day – and in June it was time to appreciate dad for Father’s Day.  We got our daddy a “Daddy” keyring T shirt and a T-shirt that says “Dog Dad” on it, which he loves!  We want like to say a big THANK YOU to our daddy and tell him WE LOVE HIM!  Daddy is the best – he buys us toys, walks us every Keyringday, shares all his dinner with us and is super quick at jumping out of bed every morning when the alarm goes off (we don’t like “snoozing” – we want to get to the park!) So thanks dad – you’re our best pal.  We hope all our doggy pals have made their daddies feel special and loved for father’s day this year too.

Last month, Dolly went with mum to the Sutton Weaver Agility Fun Day to help out on the stall.  At the fun day, a lovely dog charity called Many Tears Animal Rescue were hosting a fun dog show and one of the classes was “Best Overseas Rescue”, a Dollpopcategory held in honour of Gracie, a dog originally from Cyprus who went missing and unfortunately died whilst on holiday in Wirral, Merseyside (you can read more about Gracie’s story here). Dolly entered and came first in the overseas rescue category and then went on to win “Best in Show” – a massive achievement as Dolly is not the most confident of dogs and is still timid and frightened around strangers and crowds of people (due to her bad start in life as a stray on the streets of Romania). We are all really proud of Dolly and want to say a big well done to her for gaining the confidence to go in the class and meet the other people and dogs 🙂

Speaking of Dolly, it was her Gotcha Day on 29th June.  We went back to the charity we got her from, Love Underdogs, for their fun day – almost one year to the day we took her home.  It was actually at their fun day last year that mum and dad met and fell in love with Dolly.  She spent the day on their stall hanging out and by the end of the day, they’d decided she was coming home with them! On 28th June we actually had our first ever double stall booking – for Dolly’s Love Underdogs Reunion and the RSPCA Wirral fun day (Meg and Roxi are both from the RSPCA).  Mum and dad decided that Doll, Meg and Rox should all get to go to their reunions, so they decided to split up and cover both events! Meg and Roxi went with mum to the RSPCA Wirral Fun Day and Dad took Dolly and Alfie to Love Underdogs.  28th June just also happened to be mum and dad’s  Dollcharm37 year wedding anniversary!  They spent it apart so that we could all go to the reunions  of the charities that we came from, because they love us loads.  Even mum’s anniversary present from dad was dog themed – she got a gold charm that looks like Dolly to add to her charm bracelet!  Mum has charms of Meg, Alfie and Roxi but needed one that looked like Dolly so daddy found the perfect one just for her!  Do you think it looks like Dolly?

This month, a lovely girl named Becky from Pets Parodies drew a pet cartoon of us and had it printed out as a cartoon style photo! Here’s our fab picture:-


We love our fab drawing and thank Becky – it’s ace and now lives on mum’s desk at work 🙂  If you’d like a bespoke pet cartoon, you can check out Pet Parodies Facebook page here.

Mummy also ordered some personalised rosette holders for us.  Klara at Milo and Mimi makes them.  Mum needed them so she can keep track of all our rosettes androsettes final can remember whose is whose.  We enter quite a few fun dog classes – mainly because when we help mum and dad out on our stall, we sometimes get a bit bored and fidgety as it can be a long day – so mum enters us in the fun dog show to keep us entertained and out of trouble, and to stop us munching all the treats!  So now our lovely rosette holders are up on the wall holding all our medals and rosettes – thanks Klara!

Whilst June has been an exciting and happy month for us, unfortunately the same cannot be said for thousands of dogs in China.  Despite 4.2 million signatures on one online petition to ban it, the Yulin Dog Meat Festival took place at the end of June.  We don’t like this blog to be negative, and we don’t want to upset people by mentioning the horrific details of what happens to our Chinese doggy pals during this awful event, but we feel it’s very important to raise awareness, gather support and intervene to stop this happening once and for all. So, we please ask all our lovely friends and pals to sign the ongoing petition against this festival, by clicking here.

Our mummy and daddy are doing a 2-day trek of the Great Wall of China in October 2016 to raise funds for Love Underdogs (the charity where Dolly came from) who rescue and rehome Romanian street dogs, and for for Animals Asia, a charity that rescue dogs from the Chinese dog meat trade and are actively campaigning to end the Yulin Festival.  Mum and dad are keen to raise as much as possible, so have set up their charity giving page early.  If you would like to donate any amount, however big or small, to help, please click here.  We will also be selling raffle tickets to raise funds for this trek on our stall between now and next year’s trip.  We really appreciate your support 🙂

Finally, before we go, we just want to warn all our friends about properly caring for dogs and other animals in the warm weather.  The end of June/beginning of July has seen a big heatwave throughout the country and the warm, humid, sticky weather means we’re struggling.  So pals, make sure you cut short your dogs’ walk when it’s really hot, try walking your dogs early in the morning and later at night when it’s cooler, always take plenty of water, don’t have your doggies running about crazily for balls etc and NEVER EVER leave dogs in hot cars, greenhouses or conservatories.  It only takes 20 minutes for them to overheat and die of internal injuries.  Stay cool, sheltered and hydrated and enjoy the nice weather with your beautiful pets in mind.

Anyway, that’s it for June’s news folks.  We will be back again at the end of next month with all of July’s news.

Lots of love and woofs

Meg, Alfie, Roxi & Dolly xxxx

African dogs, acting dogs and…… chickens!

Hi Furry Friends!

Well May has been a very busy month indeed for all of us here at Doggy Love Bakery.  The dog shows we attend with our stall are now well and truly underway.  This month we’ve had Bark in the Park at Calderstones Park, Beechley Riding Stables Fun Dog Show (which Alfie went to with mum and dad), Liverpool Guide Dogs for the Blind Fun Day and Paws in the Park in Hesketh Park, Southport (which Roxi attended) Phew!  All those shows and we still have two more to go – Sutton Weaver Agility and Southport Country Fair – we’ll let you know how they went on next month’s blog.

We must say, although we enjoy going to the shows and meeting all our furry friends, it is very tiring work and when we get home, we sleep for a week! Poor Roxi couldn’t even keep her eyes open for the whole show when she went to Paws in the Park, and took a nap on her blanket behind our stall!

Here’s Alfie taking a rest on daddy’s knee, and Daddy and Roxi meeting another Roxy, the mascot at the Paws in the Park day.


Talking of furry friends, Doggy Love Bakery has just started sponsoring two African doggy pals.  Last year our mummy went to Uganda to volunteer at the Isaac’s House Children’s Orphanage.  Recently, Isaac’s House adopted two dogs as pets for the children, Suubi (which means hope) and Dumbo.  Suubi was the puppy of a neighbour’s dog and Dumbo was a local stray dog who was on the brink of starvation when the orphanage took him in as a friend for Suubi.  When mum heard about the two new four-legged additions to the orphanage, she started monthly sponsorship of the dogs, to help pay for food, supplies and vets bills to keep them happy, healthy and safe.  We are told all the kids at the orphanage love the two new pups, particularly Fred, who has a special bond with his two new pals.  Suubi is the black and tan dog and Dumbo is the beige dog with the massive ears!

collage2      Collage 1

Uganda wasn’t the only place with something exciting going on – this month our home city of Liverpool was in the spotlight when the Three Queens, Cunard’s three ocean liners, were reunited on our River Mersey in front of the Cunard Building to celebrate Cunard’s 175th anniversary.  Mum and Aunty Jodi went to the prom to welcome the ships and see them all together, a once in a lifetime opportunity.  We wanted to go and see the Queens to, but mum thought it would be too crowded down at the seafront and Dolly in particular is not a massive fan of crowds and strangers, so mum thought it best if she just take some pictures for us.  Although, many of Merseyside’s dog were out in force to see the ships – check out the gallery of pooches enjoying the special day here.

We also got a new addition to our family this month, when daddy rescued a sick chicken he found abandoned in a bush near to the motorway.  The chicken couldn’t open his eyes or move so daddy Bertpicked him up and took him to the vets, where he stayed overnight and was treated for a virus with antibiotics.  Mum and dad decided to keep him and name him Bert.  He’s still at the vets at the moment, but mum and dad are going to adopt another chicken so he has a friend and doesn’t get lonely.  We’ll post pics of Bert happy and healthy in his new coop with his new pal next month.

We are all very excited to tell you that Doggy Love Bakery has expanded!  Not only do we offer home-baked treats and birthday cakes, but we now offer dog grooming services, dog walking and even doggy sleepovers!

Yes pals, if you’ve rolled in fox poop and are stinking out your owners house, or you need a fab new haircut for summer, we can help at Doggy Love Grooming! If you need any walks in the parks when your family are out or at work, we can help with a Doggy Love Walkies!  When your parents go away on holiday you will no longer need to stay at kennel, but can stay in a loving doggy-family home with all the comforts, love and attention you’re used to with Doggy Love Sleepovers!  Check out the new pages for each of these services on our website – for all prices, information and instructions to book.

Coming up next month we have Ruffts (Sefton Council) Dog Show on 6th June, Canine Capers on 20th June and RSPCA Wirral Fun Day & Love Underdogs Annual Reunion on 28th June.  Hope to see you all there!

Finally, we just want to say a massive good luck to matisseMatisse the dog in Britain’s Got Talent – we love that Matisse doesn’t just dance, but acts too!  Go Matisse we’re definitely voting for you! x

Love and Woofs

Meg, Alfie, Roxi & Dolly xxxx


The shows begin…!

Hi Guys

This month started off with Easter and we hope that all our doggy pals and their families had a lovely Easter time.  We loved Easter – it was a bank holiday so we had four days off with mum and dad, who spoilt us with doggy friendly chocolate (because human chocolate is dangerous for dogs) and took us to Wales for the day to climb the Great Orme in Llandudno then for a great big walk along the beach at the foot of the Orme, where swam and fetched sticks and balls from the sea.

Meg AlfieRoxiDolly

Our treats featured in an advertorial in Vogue Magazine this month.  Mum tells us Vogue Maythis is a very fashionable and fabulous magazine, so it was lovely that they featured mummy’s treats in their Pampurred Pets feature.  It’s always nice when our bakery is featured in magazines, because us doggies work very hard taste-testing all the treats, so it’s nice to be recognised!  It’s hard work eating yummy treats all day long you know!

Just after Easter, mum and dad visited Reykjavik, the capital city of Iceland, for a few days.  Normally when mum and dad go on holiday, our Aunty Jodi moves in and minds us, and this time was no different, but we had our Nanny mind us with Aunty Jodi too.  Whenever mum and dad go away on holiday, they always take some pet supplies and visit a local shelter in whatever city they are visiting to donate to the local homeless dogs.  However, in Reykjavik, there was no local shelter because they have strict dog laws in Iceland that mean there are no stray dogs, as all dogs must be licenced to an owner.  This didn’t stop mum from meeting a couple of the local dogs there though – here’s pictures of mum with a dog named Lennon, who was named after the late, great John Lennon (fitting that we are from Liverpool!) and a beautiful Samoyed dog named Sammi…

iceland2 iceland1

Meggy Moo, the oldest, wisest (and greyest!) Doggy Love Bakery dog, had her vaccinations this month.  It’s very important that all dogs are kept up to date with their annual jabs to protect them from nasty diseases and getting sick and picking up bugs.  None of us dogs like going to the vet, but whenever each of us have to go for our needles, mum and dad just take each of us alone and after our visit to the vets, we get to go on a special walk in the park by ourselves with mum and dad without the others (although, admittedly, we normally miss our siblings because chasing a ball isn’t as much fun when we’re chasing it alone – it’s far more fun to have some competition!)

Speaking of balls, mum sorted through our toy box to sort out all the toys we have either de-stuffed and needed throwing away, or the toys we no longer play with that were intact that she could give away to the homeless shelter.  She does this toy sort every few months because she says we have too many – obviously we disagree, but we don’t mind giving away the toys we don’t play with as much because it means doggies who don’t have a home or a family yet get some nice toys to play with to pass the time until they go off to their forever homes, and three of us four Doggy Love Bakery dogs were in that position ourselves once.

After the big toy sort, we realised that Meg’s ball collection has grown uncontrollable!  Meg adores balls and has been collecting them her whole life (nearly 9 years!).  She finds them in parks, forests and bushes and mum and dad buy her them for Christmas, birthdays and every time they go on holiday they get her a new ball from a different country.  Also, dad’s job means lots of driving, so anytime he’s driving along the street and sees a stray or abandoned ball, he pulls over to take it home for Meg!

Mum and dad never had the heart to throw any of Meggy’s balls away – so now her collection sits at over 700 and not only fills our huge toy box – but has started branching out down the side of the toybox and in another smaller box too!  Mum has decided Meggy can Ballskeep collecting balls and adding to her huge haul – she wants to see how many balls Meg can collect throughout her entire life and then, one day when Meg is at the Rainbow Bridge, mum and dad will go around all Meg’s favourite parks and hide the balls in bushes and throughout the parks for other dogs to find and take home – just as Meg has.  Mum thinks that would be a nice thing to do in Meg’s memory – to make other doggies happy with a surprise little present from Meg while they’re out on their walk 🙂

We also have our first show of the season coming up.  On Sunday 3 May we will be selling our treats on our stall at Bark In The Park – the fun day and BARK IN THE PARKdog show in aid of Merseyside Dogs Home.  This will be in Calderstones Park, Liverpool between 10am and 4pm.  There will be dog displays, agility, a fun dog show and loads of stall selling a wide range of products.  It will be a great day out for all the family so we hope to see you there.

Throughout May, we will also be attending:-

  • Beechley Riding Stables Fun Dog Show on Sunday 10th May 11am to 4pm (at Beechley Stables, Harthill Road, Allerton, L18 3HU).
  • Guide Dogs Liverpool Fun Day on Saturday 16th May 12pm to 3:30pm (at Muriel Crook House/Youens Way, Liverpool L14 2EP).
  • Paws In The Park Fun Day & Dog Show on Sunday 24th May 11am to 4pm (Hesketh Park, Southport, Merseyside, PR9 9NW).

Come along and see us!

Until next month, love, hugs and woofs 🙂

Meg, Alfie, Roxi & Dolly xxxx


Doggy Love…… Mummies

Hi Friends

This month, we celebrated all things “mum” for Mother’s Day, which was on 15th March.  Dad helped us buy mum presents so we could show her how much we love her and how grateful we are for everything she does.  So, we would like to  thank our mummy for:-

  • Her hugs and kisses
  • Rainy, muddy, wet park walks
  • Sharing every meal she ever eats with us
  • Letting us sleep in the bed with her and dad every night
  • All the brushing up of our dog hair around the house
  • The cleaning of the windows from our wet noses
  • Making our dinner every day and always letting Roxi lick the spoon!
  • Letting Meg sit in the front seat in the car whenever there’s no other passengers
  • Letting us come to her dog shows and meet puppy pals
  • Taking Alfie jogging
  • Endlessly throwing Meg’s ball (in the park, in the living room – wherever Meg wants her ball thrown!)
  • Putting up with our squeaky toys when she’s trying to watch TV
  • Letting Dolly sleep on her pillow
  • Taking us on holiday every year
  • Giving Alfie brushes every morning because he loves it, even though it makes her late for work because she needs to brush her own hair!
  • And last but not least – baking us yummy treats of course!

We got mum a card off each of us, a heart-shaped shelf and a “best mum in the world” keyring.  Dad also took her out for a nice meal on our behalf, to enjoy food without us stealing every bite!

Keyring     Heart shelf

Mums are the best and we hope all our furry friends gave their mummies extra loves, hugs and kisses to show them how much they are loved and cherished and how grateful they are for giving them a loving, safe, happy life.

As you know, mum has been attending college to learn dog grooming.  We are very proud and excited to tell you all that our mummy has finished her college course and is now officially a qualified dog groomer!  Mum is going to spend some time volunteering to groom homeless animals at animal shelters and offering free grooms to our furry friends to boost her experience, before Doggy Love Grooming, mum’s mobile grooming business, will be up and running. Next month, we’ll give more information, a link to the Doggy Love Grooming website and grooming discounts for all Doggy Love Bakery customers so stay tuned!


Pina Colada Cookies

In other exciting news, we have just launched our new sweet treats – Betsy’s Pina Colada Cookies.  The cookies are a healthy option for any furry and fabulous pooches out there.  They contain pineapple for healthy digestion, coconut oil and coconut milk for glossy coats and come as a bag of two large cookies – one cocktail shaped and one shoe shaped! These cookies are seriously delicious and fastly becoming one of our own personal faves!

Easter is coming up and we want to wish all of our pals a very happy Easter.  We also want to make sure everyone is aware of how dangerous chocolate can be to doggies, so to all our human pals out there – please don’t share your Easter eggs and chocolate with your pups.  If you want to buy your dogs a treat for Easter, get them doggy-safe carob (fake, man made chocolate that doesn’t contain cocoa beans, which are what are poisonous to dogs) or get them some tasty treats from us!

We’ll be back at the end of April to tell you all about our Easter and other exciting news.

Love and waggy tails

Meg, Alfie, Roxi and Dolly xxxx