Birthday Babies!

Hi Guys

During July, we celebrated our birthdays and had a ball!  Meg and Alfie were both born in July one year apart, so mum and dad picked a random date so they could celebrate their special day together – the 16th.  When Roxi came along, mum and dad didn’t want her to be left out so, not knowing her birth date, she started celebrating her birthday on 16th July too.  Purely by coincidence, when mum and dad got Dolly, they noticed on her doggy passport that her birthday was 15th July!  So we all celebrate our birthdays on 16th July and every year mum and dad make it special.

This year, mum and dad took the day off work and made our entire day perfect from start to finish.  We started the day with a leisurely lie-in having plenty of duvet cuddles and snuggles.  When we got up, mum made us porridge for breakfast and gave us our presents.  We got some new balls, a birthday card each, some rabbit ears and mum had baked us some bday1birthday biscuits 🙂  Then it was time to get our harnesses on and jump in the car for a drive to West Yorkshire, where we went on a long countryside walk through fields, forests, waterfalls and streams.  We stopped along the way for a birthday lunch of bacon rolls, paddled in the streams and Alf and Doll bday3even got a selfie at a waterfall!  Then it was back home for a bath from mum using our new cherry almond shampoo so we were all fresh as daisies and smelling divine!  Exhausted from our day, we had a snooze whilst mum baked us a liver bday2birthday cake, which we ate for supper washed down with some doggy milk before flopping into bed out for the count!  We had the best day and even gave Bruno, a doggy pal mum groomed the next day, a piece of our birthday cake, which we wolfed down!

Meg also received a special present from beyond the grave for her birthday this year – our Gaga, who is up in heaven, had his ashes scattered in one of our favourite parks and we went the day after our birthday to visit him.  When we got back to our car to go home after our walk, Gaga had left a ball for Meg at the side of our car.  Gaga and Meggy had a very special bond and loved each loads so it’s nice Gaga can still make sure Meggy gets a present from him in heaven 🙂

Mum and dad also got us an extra special present for our birthdays – a caravan!  As Roxmum and dad love travelling, it’s always been their dream to take us abroad on holiday with them.  So, they have bought a small retro vintage caravan cheap on ebay and they are going to spend the rest of the year renovating and restoring it so that next year they can take us touring around France and Belgium in it.  As the caravan is really for us – it’s going to be a doggy caravan.  Mum has bought some dog printed wallpaper for it, we have some lovely dog cushions to go inside and mum is going to hang pictures of us on the walls – it’s going to be our dogmobile!  Speaking of portraits, Roxi went with mum and dad to the Cheshire Dogs Home Fun Day and while she was there, got her portrait done by a pet photographer on a nearby stall.  Do you like it?

In other good news, daddy discovered a Husky dog named Skye whose owner had sadly died in hospital, and the lady who had been minding her whilst her owner had gone into hospital  needed to Skyefind her a new home.  Mummy put a status up on Facebook and one of our lovely customers mentioned the status to a friend of hers, whose own husky dog, Jade, had passed away a couple of weeks before.  She decided she wanted to meet Skye and, after a successful meeting, Skye now has a new home, a new family and some new doggy siblings!  We are thrilled for Skye and her family and wish her all the best for her future.  Here’s Skye (left) with her doggy siblings on he new bed!

sophie3We had some sad news last month when one of our doggy customers, the beautiful Sophie, sadly passed away and went to the Rainbow Bridge.  Sophie was a lovely girl – here’s a picture of her with her Doggy Love birthday cake.  Sophie’s sister, Dandy, is currently awaiting a new little sister – a black lab puppy, so she won’t be alone for long.   RIP Sophie, gone but never forgotten xxx

Last month, mummy had a Doggy Love Sleepover with Casha and Pip while their parents went away for the weekend.  When mummy minds dogs, she wants it to be as fun as possible so the dogs don’t miss their families and get sad.  She likes the dogs to have their own little holiday while their families are away.  Kennels are not suited to every dog – some dogs are truly part of the family and are used to a lifestyle at home.  Other dogs are rescue dogs that previously lived in kennels whilst at shelters waiting for their forever homes, so returning them, even temporarily, isn’t an option.  Mummy minds dogs at our house, who move in with us at home, whilst other times, mummy goes to stay in the dogs’ house to mind them in their own home.

In July, mummy went to mind Casha and Pip at their house for the weekend and Cashahad a ball!  Casha and Pip are lovely dogs, who slept in bed with mum and looked after her for us while she was away with plenty of doggy kisses and snuggles.  They had long walks, Bacon for breakfast, treats, toy time, snuggles and even Pipaccompanied mum and dad to one of our dog shows to help on our stall.  There, they met loads of friends and Pip even came fourth in best mixed breed dog!  Casha and Pip’s mum and dad were really proud when she returned home with a rosette!

Next month we also have a busy month of shows, including our very own Doggy Love Show which we are jointly organising with the RSPCA Liverpool (where Meg and Roxi Showcame from).  The RSPCA show will be on Sunday 30th August at the Halewood Centre, Higher Road, Halewood, Liverpool, L26 9TX.  There will be dog agility, a fun dog show, food and drink, a sweet stall, a pet photographer, pet caricaturist, a children’s magician, bouncy castle, face painter and balloon artist, temptation alley, cakes, a nail technician, mascots, pet products and plenty of stalls and fun for all the family.  Of course we will be there also selling our tasty treats and cakes and we will also be providing treats to the winners of the fun dog show!  There’s even a competition for cats!  Bring along a funny pic of your cat, write your name and contact details on the back and submit the pic with £1 on the day – and the funniest pic will win a load of cat goodies!

Hope to see you all there.

Loads of love

Meg, Alfie, Roxi & Dolly xxxx