Doggy Love Daddies!

Hi Pals!

June has been a very busy and exciting month and we have lots to share with you all!

Before we get to the good stuff though, we have some very sad news we must share.  Last month, we told you about our new chicken Burt, who daddy rescued when he found him sick in a bush along the side of the motorway.  Burt turned out to be a “she”, so we renamed her Betsy.  After being released from the vet, Betsy came home to live with us before unfortunately deteriorating further, so mum and dad took the decision to have her put to sleep to spare her any pain or suffering.  Our chicken sister Betsy is now in heaven but thankfully pain free and at peace.  We buried her in our garden and in her memory, we rescued two ex-battery hens who now provide us with fresh eggs for our bakery!  So, we’re happy to introduce you to Gypsy and Tuktuk…

Gypsy      Tuktuk

Back in March we celebrated all things mum for Mother’s Day – and in June it was time to appreciate dad for Father’s Day.  We got our daddy a “Daddy” keyring T shirt and a T-shirt that says “Dog Dad” on it, which he loves!  We want like to say a big THANK YOU to our daddy and tell him WE LOVE HIM!  Daddy is the best – he buys us toys, walks us every Keyringday, shares all his dinner with us and is super quick at jumping out of bed every morning when the alarm goes off (we don’t like “snoozing” – we want to get to the park!) So thanks dad – you’re our best pal.  We hope all our doggy pals have made their daddies feel special and loved for father’s day this year too.

Last month, Dolly went with mum to the Sutton Weaver Agility Fun Day to help out on the stall.  At the fun day, a lovely dog charity called Many Tears Animal Rescue were hosting a fun dog show and one of the classes was “Best Overseas Rescue”, a Dollpopcategory held in honour of Gracie, a dog originally from Cyprus who went missing and unfortunately died whilst on holiday in Wirral, Merseyside (you can read more about Gracie’s story here). Dolly entered and came first in the overseas rescue category and then went on to win “Best in Show” – a massive achievement as Dolly is not the most confident of dogs and is still timid and frightened around strangers and crowds of people (due to her bad start in life as a stray on the streets of Romania). We are all really proud of Dolly and want to say a big well done to her for gaining the confidence to go in the class and meet the other people and dogs 🙂

Speaking of Dolly, it was her Gotcha Day on 29th June.  We went back to the charity we got her from, Love Underdogs, for their fun day – almost one year to the day we took her home.  It was actually at their fun day last year that mum and dad met and fell in love with Dolly.  She spent the day on their stall hanging out and by the end of the day, they’d decided she was coming home with them! On 28th June we actually had our first ever double stall booking – for Dolly’s Love Underdogs Reunion and the RSPCA Wirral fun day (Meg and Roxi are both from the RSPCA).  Mum and dad decided that Doll, Meg and Rox should all get to go to their reunions, so they decided to split up and cover both events! Meg and Roxi went with mum to the RSPCA Wirral Fun Day and Dad took Dolly and Alfie to Love Underdogs.  28th June just also happened to be mum and dad’s  Dollcharm37 year wedding anniversary!  They spent it apart so that we could all go to the reunions  of the charities that we came from, because they love us loads.  Even mum’s anniversary present from dad was dog themed – she got a gold charm that looks like Dolly to add to her charm bracelet!  Mum has charms of Meg, Alfie and Roxi but needed one that looked like Dolly so daddy found the perfect one just for her!  Do you think it looks like Dolly?

This month, a lovely girl named Becky from Pets Parodies drew a pet cartoon of us and had it printed out as a cartoon style photo! Here’s our fab picture:-


We love our fab drawing and thank Becky – it’s ace and now lives on mum’s desk at work 🙂  If you’d like a bespoke pet cartoon, you can check out Pet Parodies Facebook page here.

Mummy also ordered some personalised rosette holders for us.  Klara at Milo and Mimi makes them.  Mum needed them so she can keep track of all our rosettes androsettes final can remember whose is whose.  We enter quite a few fun dog classes – mainly because when we help mum and dad out on our stall, we sometimes get a bit bored and fidgety as it can be a long day – so mum enters us in the fun dog show to keep us entertained and out of trouble, and to stop us munching all the treats!  So now our lovely rosette holders are up on the wall holding all our medals and rosettes – thanks Klara!

Whilst June has been an exciting and happy month for us, unfortunately the same cannot be said for thousands of dogs in China.  Despite 4.2 million signatures on one online petition to ban it, the Yulin Dog Meat Festival took place at the end of June.  We don’t like this blog to be negative, and we don’t want to upset people by mentioning the horrific details of what happens to our Chinese doggy pals during this awful event, but we feel it’s very important to raise awareness, gather support and intervene to stop this happening once and for all. So, we please ask all our lovely friends and pals to sign the ongoing petition against this festival, by clicking here.

Our mummy and daddy are doing a 2-day trek of the Great Wall of China in October 2016 to raise funds for Love Underdogs (the charity where Dolly came from) who rescue and rehome Romanian street dogs, and for for Animals Asia, a charity that rescue dogs from the Chinese dog meat trade and are actively campaigning to end the Yulin Festival.  Mum and dad are keen to raise as much as possible, so have set up their charity giving page early.  If you would like to donate any amount, however big or small, to help, please click here.  We will also be selling raffle tickets to raise funds for this trek on our stall between now and next year’s trip.  We really appreciate your support 🙂

Finally, before we go, we just want to warn all our friends about properly caring for dogs and other animals in the warm weather.  The end of June/beginning of July has seen a big heatwave throughout the country and the warm, humid, sticky weather means we’re struggling.  So pals, make sure you cut short your dogs’ walk when it’s really hot, try walking your dogs early in the morning and later at night when it’s cooler, always take plenty of water, don’t have your doggies running about crazily for balls etc and NEVER EVER leave dogs in hot cars, greenhouses or conservatories.  It only takes 20 minutes for them to overheat and die of internal injuries.  Stay cool, sheltered and hydrated and enjoy the nice weather with your beautiful pets in mind.

Anyway, that’s it for June’s news folks.  We will be back again at the end of next month with all of July’s news.

Lots of love and woofs

Meg, Alfie, Roxi & Dolly xxxx