Doggy Love…… Mummies

Hi Friends

This month, we celebrated all things “mum” for Mother’s Day, which was on 15th March.  Dad helped us buy mum presents so we could show her how much we love her and how grateful we are for everything she does.  So, we would like to  thank our mummy for:-

  • Her hugs and kisses
  • Rainy, muddy, wet park walks
  • Sharing every meal she ever eats with us
  • Letting us sleep in the bed with her and dad every night
  • All the brushing up of our dog hair around the house
  • The cleaning of the windows from our wet noses
  • Making our dinner every day and always letting Roxi lick the spoon!
  • Letting Meg sit in the front seat in the car whenever there’s no other passengers
  • Letting us come to her dog shows and meet puppy pals
  • Taking Alfie jogging
  • Endlessly throwing Meg’s ball (in the park, in the living room – wherever Meg wants her ball thrown!)
  • Putting up with our squeaky toys when she’s trying to watch TV
  • Letting Dolly sleep on her pillow
  • Taking us on holiday every year
  • Giving Alfie brushes every morning because he loves it, even though it makes her late for work because she needs to brush her own hair!
  • And last but not least – baking us yummy treats of course!

We got mum a card off each of us, a heart-shaped shelf and a “best mum in the world” keyring.  Dad also took her out for a nice meal on our behalf, to enjoy food without us stealing every bite!

Keyring     Heart shelf

Mums are the best and we hope all our furry friends gave their mummies extra loves, hugs and kisses to show them how much they are loved and cherished and how grateful they are for giving them a loving, safe, happy life.

As you know, mum has been attending college to learn dog grooming.  We are very proud and excited to tell you all that our mummy has finished her college course and is now officially a qualified dog groomer!  Mum is going to spend some time volunteering to groom homeless animals at animal shelters and offering free grooms to our furry friends to boost her experience, before Doggy Love Grooming, mum’s mobile grooming business, will be up and running. Next month, we’ll give more information, a link to the Doggy Love Grooming website and grooming discounts for all Doggy Love Bakery customers so stay tuned!


Pina Colada Cookies

In other exciting news, we have just launched our new sweet treats – Betsy’s Pina Colada Cookies.  The cookies are a healthy option for any furry and fabulous pooches out there.  They contain pineapple for healthy digestion, coconut oil and coconut milk for glossy coats and come as a bag of two large cookies – one cocktail shaped and one shoe shaped! These cookies are seriously delicious and fastly becoming one of our own personal faves!

Easter is coming up and we want to wish all of our pals a very happy Easter.  We also want to make sure everyone is aware of how dangerous chocolate can be to doggies, so to all our human pals out there – please don’t share your Easter eggs and chocolate with your pups.  If you want to buy your dogs a treat for Easter, get them doggy-safe carob (fake, man made chocolate that doesn’t contain cocoa beans, which are what are poisonous to dogs) or get them some tasty treats from us!

We’ll be back at the end of April to tell you all about our Easter and other exciting news.

Love and waggy tails

Meg, Alfie, Roxi and Dolly xxxx