Happy Halloween!

Hi Friends!

Well, October began with a bang with National Black Dog Day and World Vegetarian day both on the first day of the month.

Black Dog Day means something to us because both Meg and Roxi are black dogs.  Black dogs, for one reason or another, are often overlooked and the last dogs to be chosen in kennels and shelters.  There are more homeless black dogs than any other colour dog, so it’s important this special day raises awareness of black dogs and how beautiful they are and what great pets they can be.  Mum and dad love Meg and Roxi’s gorgeously silky glossy coats and velvety ears.  Both are blessings and we all love them so much, so it’s perplexing why black dogs are so ignored.  We are grateful this month for our beautiful black sisters and we love them both so much!

Black dog     meg     Rox

It was also World Vegetarian Day on 1st October too.  Our mummy went vegetarian earlier this year.  Mummy loves animals, and she decided that she doesn’t want any living creature to lose its life unnecessarily for her eat a meal, so she gave up eating anything that had ever been alive. We are really proud of mummy for doing this, but we must admit we are very glad she still makes us plenty of meaty treats 🙂

veggie day

Earlier in the month, mum and dad took Meg and Alfie to the Family Pet Show in Manchester where Meg won 1st place in the Golden Oldie category at Scruffts!  Mum and dad took Meg and Alf just for a fun day out (Dolly and Roxi had a day out on their own a few days before so it was Meg and Alfie’s turn!)  Meg was invited to go to Discover Dogs in London for the Scruffts semi final and as mum and dad love her so much and were so proud of her winning unexpectedly, they took her to London for a special day, just the three of them, so she could compete.  Meg didn’t go any further in the competition, but she was just as happy being spoiled rotten by mum and dad on her special day out and loves her winners’ bandana and rosette!  Well done Meggy!

meggle     rosette

In October, we also had a Doggy Love Sleepover with the lovey Juke, our good pal.  We had loads of fun with Juke – we went on a big walk, he met our nanny and our chickens, ate mummy’s treats and him and mummy even had matching Adidas hoodies 🙂  Here’s some pics of Jukey’s sleepover with us…

juke1  juke2juke3

Finally, October ended with Halloween.  Mum and dad carved pumpkins – dad’s was the face and mum tried to do a doggy themed one by doing a scary werewolf!


Mum found this picture on the net of some carved pumpkins to advertise rescuing, fostering and adopting dogs and she absolutely loved it, although she doesn’t think she’d ever be that good at pumpkin carving!


Mum used the pumpkin she scooped out from carving to bake us some delicious chicken and pumpkin flavour treats.  They were yummy and we wolfed them down so the bakery will be baking these next year in time for Halloween 2016, along with some other Halloween themed treats.  Mum even used the pumpkin seeds by roasting them in cinnamon and sugar as a tasty treat for her and daddy.  We don’t like waste at Doggy Love!

We also finalised our Christmas products this month and they’re all now available to order.  Designed to be a starter, main course and pudding, we have Turkey & Cranberry Christmas Trees, Christmas Dinner Cake and Christmas Pudding Angels.  All are on the website bakery shop or can be ordered via Facebook or telephone too.  We have a special deal on – order all three and have them delivered on Christmas Eve for £10 (Liverpool area only though as mum and dad unfortunately can’t deliver as far or as fast as Father Christmas!)

                     Pudding Angels

That’s all or news from October friends.  We hope all our furry pals had a fun-filled month and happy Halloween.  We will be back at the end of the month to tell you what we’ve been up to throughout November but in the meantime, please all be careful and safe during the Bonfire Night fireworks.  Dogs are scared of fireworks and it’s not a very nice night for us and our other animal friends.


Mummy uses a herbal supplement in our dinner that calms us down slightly and her and daddy stay indoors with us all day so we’re not alone.  They turn the TV up louder so we can’t hear the bangs as much and they play fetch and tug of war with us to distract us from the fireworks and make us tired quicker so we fall asleep quicker.  Mum and dad also don’t react when the bangs go off – even when they’re really close by and loud.  They just ignore the bangs completely and that makes us feel safer too because if mum and dad aren’t scared or bothered, then we are a bit calmer knowing there musn’t be anything to worry about!

Bonfire night is never fun for animals and pets so we hope all our doggy pals and their owners are safe and calm this year 🙂

Lots of love and woofs

Meg, Alfie, Roxi & Dolly