New additions to the Doggy Love gang!

Hi Pals!

After a looooong break away from our monthly blog posts, we are starting them up again to keep you all in the loop about what we’ve been up to!  And let us tell you, a LOT has happened since our last post, which was well over a year ago now!!

In March, mum and dad took us original four dogs (Meg, Alfie, Roxi and Dolly) on a caravan holiday around Europe.  We loved travelling with mum and dad and did some sightseeing, visiting Paris, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Bruges, Luxembourg and the Love Underdogs’ sister shelter in Osnabruck, Germany.  Mum and dad said they were so proud of us because we were really well behaved and made travelling with us easy for them.  As you can see, Alfie especially loved visiting Amsterdam (typical boy!) 

          EIFFEL TOWER              ALF IN AMSTERDAM

In October 2016 mum and dad went to China, where they did a sponsored trek of the Great Wall of China which raised over £1,200 for Love Underdogs and Animals Asia, a charity that rescues bears from bear-bile farms and dogs from the horrific dog meat trade in China. The trek lasted two days (trekking for around 7-8 hours per day) and mum even did the second day’s trekking with a nasty flu virus but soldiered on (something she never shuts up about!)  Mum and dad want to say a massive thank you to everyone who sponsored them and helped them raise so much.


They also took a trip to Brasov in Romania in July 2016, where they worked voluntarily in the dog shelter where Dolly came from for a week.  They took two huge suitcases of donations out with them, which all our lovely customers helped them gather, and during their time there, they cleaned out the kennels, scrubbed and refilled the doggy swimming pool, painted dog kennels and socialised and played with the puppies to get them used to human interaction and to give them more time out of their kennels.  While they were there, mummy fell in love with a dog they called “Stella” and daddy fell in love with a dog they called “Rudy”.  They couldn’t decide which dog to take and both dogs happened to be best friends, so in the end they decided that both dogs needed to come home with them and join our family!  So in September last year Rudy and Stella travelled from Romania to their new home in Liverpool to be with us.  They have settled in really well and now it’s like they’ve always been here.  They are the babies of the pack and both are coming up to three years old.  They are truly the best of friends and love nothing more than play-fighting and playing hide and seek in the garden around the shed, tree, chicken coop and mum and dad’s caravan. 


rU AND sTELLAWe also went on our annual family trip to Wales – the first holiday for Rudy and Stella, who were both as good as gold and thoroughly enjoyed their holidays!


So, all in all it’s been quite a year, which is why we haven’t had time to write our blog.  We promise this year we will keep you updated monthly on what we’ve been up to and the dog shows we will be attending with our treat stall.  Rudy and Stella are quite excited to attend the shows and help out on the stall and meet all our lovely customers.

The dog shows begin at the end of April and we are so excited to help mum bake, get on the stall and get out and about to see you all again!  This blog will be happening monthly again after our sneaky year off so check back at the end of every month to see what we’ve been up to and where we’re all going to be.

Our first show is Bark In The Park, in aid of Merseyside Dogs Home, on Sunday 30 April at Calderstones Park, Liverpool.  Can’t wait to see you all there!

Lots of love and licks


Meg, Alfie, Roxi, Dolly, Rudy & Stella